Friday, July 21, 2017


I’m a 6’4 300 lb dominant alpha muscle god that makes every slave drool all over the place.  Watch me on cam in total awe while I flex my huge shredded muscles that are as solid as steel.  My biceps and shoulders are bigger than your head.  I love turning beta males into helpless muscle worshiping cash slaves.  My deep cocky voice will make you drop to your pathetic knees while you sniff poppers and get turned into a human ATM and full use toilet.  It’s almost to easy to feminize and emasculate slaves while turning them into full use toilet pigs.  Lately I’ve had multiple slaves tell me that they’ve been drinking out of public urinals.  They all tell me they think of me the moment they walk into a dirty public restroom and drop to their knees right in front of the dirtiest urinal.  They dunk their face right in the urinal and start drinking like an animal.  Then they lick the filthy urinal brim clean and chew on the dirty urinal patty.  There’s so many healthy nutrients and vitamins in male piss that faggots crave.  Male waste is fag nutrition plain and simple.  When fags have to piss they know to ALWAYS sit down on the toilet like a woman would.  I’ve taught them that only MEN stand up when they piss.  If I personally walked into a public restroom and saw a scrawny pathetic slave pissing in a urinal I would grab it by its hair dunk its head right in the urinal and order it to drink up.  I would then drag it into a toilet stall and take a piss right in its fag mouth.  I might even grab it by its ankles lift it upside down and give it multiple swirlies.  The scrawny fag would end up soaked in piss and dirty toilet water with an empty wallet.  I would drain the cunt every way possible.  Its manhood would be totally gone even though it probably had none to begin with in the first place.  Every slave wishes they could be in a rim seat under my hairy sweaty swampy muscle ass with their mouths cranked open while I fart in their face then take a huge alpha dump right in their faggot mouths.  Slaves make great urinals and full use toilets for jacked up muscle gods.  Hand your fag cash over now and have the privilege of being owned by the KING of all ALPHA GODS.  I’m the most dominant alpha god in existence and you will see that the moment you worship me on live cam.  You were born to serve me and worship the ground I walk on.  My muscles are always pumped and ready to be worshiped.



Thursday, July 20, 2017


This filthy fat pig messaged me on Skype and said it's been looking at my pictures and blog for days in awe.  It finally gave in and sent me a bunch of Amazon giftcards then begged me to severely abuse and humiliate it on cam.  I've drained this fat pig shit in the past and couldn't believe how much fatter it got when I first saw it on cam.  The faggot literally looked like a beached whale.  It's stomach was so fat that it completely covered its fag clit and balls.  The fag told me that it hasn't been able to see it's "penis" in months because its stomach practically sagged to its knees.  I was already in a pissed off mood so this fat shit was perfect to take it out on.  The fat shit had a full bottle of cheap wine a bottle of poppers and meth to smoke.  What I couldn't understand was how this fag was so fat even though it was a full blown meth addict.  I told the slave to get whatever food it had in its kitchen to eat on cam.  The faggot went to its kitchen came back with two sticks of butter and said that it needed to go to the food store because it binge eat everything it had the night before.  I watched in laughter and disgust while the slave eat two huge sticks of butter like candy bars in under a minute.  The fat fucks stomach bounced around more than a chics booty in a rap video.  It was time to turn this fat fuck into a hardcore pain pig.  I told it to chug the entire bottle of wine that it had while it sniffed poppers.  It then put clamps on its huge womanly nipples and smoked meth.  I told the faggot to pull the tit clamps and twist them as hard as it could.  I laughed while the fat fag screamed in agony while it twisted and twisted its nipples.  I then made it use one hand to hold the bottle of poppers to sniff and the other hand to pull and twist its huge bitch tit.  Its tits were so huge I thought they were going to start lactating like a pregnant woman.  The slave then smoked more meth and was all fucked up.  The fat fuck had a belt that it was going to use as a choke collar but I had a better idea.  I told the fag to lift up its fat stomach so its micro clit and balls would be exposed.  I then ordered the slave to whip its clit and balls with the metal part of the belt.  At first it hesitated but after I screamed at it the pig to do it it whipped itself so hard it almost started to cry like a girl.  I told the fat shit that its balls were completely useless anyways and should just be clipped off.  Its fag clit was so tiny it looked like a small nipple.  I laughed and told the fat fag that if any woman ever saw that micro penis that she would just laugh in its face.  Of course the faggot agreed with me and told me that it's happened in the past.  I watched in laughter while the fag kept whipping and whipping its clit and balls with the metal belt buckle.  The slave let out girly scream after girly scream.  I told it to shut the fuck up and told it that it deserved to suffer as much as possible.  It smoked more meth and kept sniffing its poppers.  Its tits were swelling up from being twisted so much.  I really made this fat fuck abuse itself hardcore.  I told the fat shit that I could hang it up in my basement and use it as a heavy bag.  I then ordered the slave to grab the wine bottle and told it to shove the entire bottle up its fag cunt.  It was all high on meth and popper fumes and did as told without any questions.  I watched in disgust while the fat shit sat on the wine bottle like it was a dildo.  It was sweating and breathing heavy while the wine bottle went up its cunt inch by inch.  It sniffed poppers and twisted its tits until the wine bottle was entirely up its cunt.  I laughed and couldn't believe that this fags pussy swallowed an entire wine bottle.  I made it sit back down while the bottle was stretching and stretching its fag pussy.  The fat shit smoked more meth and continued to whip its micro size fag clit with the belt.  I drained this fat fag of everything mentally physically and financially.  It sent me another gift card and thanked me for putting it in its place.  I told the fat fuck to keep the bottle up its pussy and to keep twisting its huge swollen tits.  It's so easy for me to mentally and physically destroy inferior cunts.  They were all born to serve alpha males and deserve no luxuries in life.  They are privileged to even be acknowledged by me and lucky to watch me flex my huge alpha muscles on cam.  I love degrading and draining slaves of everything.  I take all of their cash drain all of their manhood and easily make them realize why they were born to serve and worship me.





Monday, August 29, 2016


Every single cash fag should be sniffing poppers.  Poppers were made for weak pathetic inferior cunts.  The moment they sniff poppers they realize that they were born to be cash faggots for straight alpha gods like myself.  Slaves literally become human ATMs when I get them fumed up on poppers.  The more a slave sniffs the more cash they hand over.  I love force intoxicating a cash fag on poppers.  They turn into walking zombies and become incapable of making any decisions on their own.  I feel like I’m the puppet master controlling everything the slaves does.  They become property and do whatever I say without questioning anything.  When they are sniffing poppers all I have to do is flex my huge biceps and bounce my sweaty jacked pecs.  I love to make slaves sniff while I do count downs.  I’ll make them sniff poppers while I count down from ten seconds and eventually make them sniff for an entire twenty plus seconds.  It’s even easier when they have their Teamviewer on so I can cash rape them myself.  While I make them sniff and do countdowns I’ll go into their accounts and take all the cash I want.  There’s been times when I’ve taken thousands from a fumed up faggot in a single session.  The longer a slave sniffs the more cash I get.  Their cash is better off  in my wallet  and poppers make slaves truly realize it.  I’ve also had slaves sniff Maximum Impact which also turns them into helpless mindless zombies.  Slaves spray Max Impact on a towel then sniff the towel.  I’ve seen some dipshits on cam sniff to hard and actually pass out from it for a few seconds.  That means it’s time to completely drain them and bleed their bank accounts dry.  Fumed up faggots can easily loose their entire paycheck in only a few minutes.  I’ve cashraped a ton of slaves that sniffed a combination of poppers and Maximum Impact.  Some fags even take turns sniffing different brands of poppers.  Some brands of poppers are stronger than other brands.  I see most popper fags sniff either Jungle Juice or Rush poppers.  The stronger the poppers are the weaker the faggot becomes.  I’ve also humiliated the shit out of some slaves when they are fumed up on poppers.  It’s so easy to drain the manhood from a slave and completely feminize them.  Some cunts wear a chastity on their fag clit along with pink panties.  When they are fumed up on chems the realize they aren’t men and don’t deserve to cum like a man.  They usually shove a plug or a gigantic dildo up their cunt and milk themselves while their clits stay shriveled and limp.  Their fag cum is so watery it looks like a females pussy squirt.  I’ve also turned many popper faggots into human toilets.  When they sniff poppers they crave alpha waste.  Some slaves drink their own piss on cam when they are chemed up on poppers and savior every last drop of it.  Some chem fags even eat their own shit on cam.  I have one that squats over a plate and takes a huge dump on it.  It then grabs a turd from the plate and holds a bottle of poppers in one hand and its own shit log in the other hand.  It sniffs the poppers while it eats its own shit like a candy bar.  When I first started cashraping  this toilet faggot it could barely hand the smell of its own shit.  The fag toilet now loves feasting on its own shit and even smears it all over its face.  Poppers definitely helped this cash faggot turn into a full use toilet.  Get your poppers out now fags it’s time to serve the ultimate muscle god.  While you sniff I’m going to drain you every way possible.  I’m the alpha king and I never show any remorse towards inferior cunts.


My size and strength alone is overwhelming to slaves and instantly makes them drop down to their knees without even realizing it.  I force intoxicate slaves and control them in every possible way.  They sniff poppers and instantly turn into human ATMs.  My huge alpha muscles make faggots weak and helpless.  When they turn their Teamviewer on their computer is ready to be taken over by me.  $laves sniff poppers and helplessly watch while I take my own tributes and drain their bank accounts.  I show no remorse and love putting slaves in the poor house where they all belong.  I easily brainwash and mind fuck weak faggot pigs and make them realize that they were born to serve me.  They should live with the bare minimums in life while I live in luxury off of their fag cash.  I tell slaves to find a fast food dumpster to eat from and a toilet to drink from.  Slaves were born to be on their knees licking and worshiping my size 15 Nike sneakers and huge meaty alpha feet while I look down at them in shame.  They look so pathetic I can’t help but laugh.  I’ll smoke a Cuban cigar and use their mouth as an ashtray and spit bucket.  Their face ends up covered in cigar ashes, tar, and spit.  If the fag is lucky  I’ll pull out my alpha cock and wash their face off with my piss.  A slave’s mouth makes a great urinal.  Fags open their mouth up as wide as they can and drink my alpha piss like its expensive champagne.  Slaves crave my jacked muscles and would do anything to taste my alpha sweat after I’m done working out at the gym.  I’m a 6’4 300 pound plus muscle god that slaves were born to worship.  If I give a slave the privilege to worship me they finally find their purpose in their pathetic life.  Slaves were born to worship and submit to straight alpha muscle.  Tribute for my sweaty worn jockstraps and socks.  The smell and taste of my alpha sweat will give you a high that nothing compares too.  I’ve had slaves message me on Skype the moment my sweaty gym gear arrives in the mail.  They send me more fag cash and get on their webcam.  I’ve watched them lick and worship my sweaty gear like a bitch in heat.  I even give slaves the privilege to tribute me for my stretched out filled rubbers.  I’ve watched a ton of slaves drink my load then chew on my condom like a piece of gum on webcam.  Some pathetic slaves have even tried to wear my rubbers on their fag dicks for it to only fall right off because their dicks are smaller than my pinky finger.  Some of their fag dicks are so small they look like a womans clit.  The power I have over inferior cunts grows and grows by the day. Submit to me now and experience straight alpha domination like never before.  I’m a natural born alpha god that was born to be worshiped.  Message me on Skype now and $erve.


Slaves crave my huge jacked muscle in leather.  They know they belong on their knees licking my size 14 leather logger boots clean.  I’ll step in dog shit outside and a fag will still lick the bottoms of my boots clean.  I love hearing a slave crunch on rocks and pebbles when they pick them out of my boot soles with their teeth.  I’ll look down spit in their face and laugh my ass off.  When my logger soles are clean I’ll trample the slave using all of my weight.  I’ll step on the side of its head with one boot and put down as much pressure as I feel like.  I wanna see the slave drool from the side of its mouth while I crush its skull.  A cash fag also makes a great boot rest.  I’ll make them go on all fours like a table and rest my huge logger boots on its back.  I’ll sit back smoke a cigar and watch T.V. while the slave suffers.  I love watching their puny arms shake while I stomp and dig my boot heels right into its spine.  When their puny arms finally collapse I’ll stand up and stomp the slave out all over again.  While I smoke a stoggie I’ll make the faggot open its mouth and use it as a spit bucket and ashtray.  I look like a total bad ass when I have my sleeveless leather vest on with my XXL leather gloves on my huge alpha hands.  I wanna wrap my gloved hands around a slaves neck and choke it until its face turns purple.   Sometimes I’ll even pick a slave up by its puny neck and choke slam it.  My big jacked muscles always put slaves in their rightful place.  When they see me they instantly know that they were born to be slaves and realize that their purpose in life is to serve me.  I’ll be dressed in leather from head to toe while a slave sniffs poppers at my command.  They instantly turn into human ATMs and give me the fag cash I want.  A 300 pound plus muscle god dressed in leather makes every slave weak and helpless.  If a slave acts disobedient in any way I’ll take my leather belt off and whip them like a dog.  I love tieing up a slave in my basement and cracking its bare skin with my leather belt over and over.   I can see the pain and agony right in the slaves face as I whip it with the metal buckle.  Slaves need to be put in their place and realize their purpose in life.  They were born to worship straight jacked alpha studs like myself.  They belong on their faggot knees with cash in their mouth ready to hand over to me.  After I take their fag cash I'll unzipper my pants and leave them with a big mouthful of alpha piss.  Alpha waste is fag nutrition.  Every slave is a toilet for straight alpha gods.  I’m the ultimate alpha god and everyone always submits.  Get your fag cash out now hand it over and thank me for taking it cunts.  You were born to submit and when you worship me on cam you will truly realize it.



Tuesday, July 19, 2016